Friday, October 26, 2012

China Phones in Ph.

China phones are a lot inexpensive compare to some original phones. These phones are available all over the Philippines. Though it is a fake one, there are still people who bought it and yes I have also one model of china phone. I have here original Nokia phone model 1200 at home but it doesn’t have the multimedia which is a bit boring every time I use it. I buy china phone for the reason that I can’t buy those phone which has multimedia because it is quite expensive since I’m a student that time. I bought the phone about three years ago and luckily it is still working. I never thought that this phone will last for three years. The model of the phone that I have is A-GSM/ A200, I bought it Php. 2,400. It is a QWERTY keypad, dual sim card standby, and Bluetooth 2.0, Fm Radio, Camera, Mp3 and mp4 player.

Talaba with Friends

Negros Occidental is not only reach in sugar but also with different kinds of seafood and one of it is TALABA (Oysters). Talaba is famous in our province especially in Himamaylan City. One of the sources of income of the people in our municipality is Talaba. Over the city there are a lot of cultured oysters that's why me and my friends after we hang up we choose talaba for our lunch. We bought a half sack of talaba around 80 pesos. Even though there are some shell that is hard to open we still enjoying it. For those who doesn't even experience eating talaba, I suggest you to try especially if your going to visit our province.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

That Blogger Guy

When I was surfing the net late afternoon and saw one of the blog and as what I observe the author uses our own language (Filipino Language). I read some articles in the blog and I find it very interesting and cool blog. As what I've notice also the author has awards by being a blogger. I was really inspired as a simple blogger to do more because like me as a reader I know that there are others whom you can be influenced just by blogging.
Since I was inspired by his blog it took me to ask him some of the tips and pointers to do in blogging. I saw his twitter account so we do have a little conversation over the twitter and he told me that one of the things to be remembered when you are blogging is that you blog to express not to impress. I ask him again “How is it important to use our own language though there are a lot of foreign readers?” I ask it to him because we cannot deny the fact the there’s a lot of Filipino blogger who choose to use the universal language especially me. You know what he told me?
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